The modern equestrian facility offers everything needed for the professional keeping of sport horses on an area of 17ha.

  • Sand arena 40m x 60m, ebb and flow irrigation system, floodlights.
  • Indoor riding arena 22m x 66m, ebb and flow irrigation system, floodlit.
  • Horse walker, 20m diameter, for 8 horses.
  • Lunging circle 18m diameter, watered.
  • Solarium.
  • 12 outdoor boxes, 4m x 4m.
  • 4 indoor boxes 3m x 4m.
  • Indoor and outdoor washing areas with hot and cold water.
  • 15 pasture areas between 1'000m and 3'300m2.
  • 15 pastures between 4'000m2 and 10'000m2.
  • Holiday flat 82m2, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, WC, parking space.

The local climate, the flat terrain, as well as the sandy soil make it possible to have the horses on the pastures all year round.

The pasture huts with a concrete base provide the necessary protection from the weather. They are equipped with running water and have direct access to hay, which can be stored in a dry place.


As a private stable we do not offer a wide range of services. However, one point that is close to our heart is the transition phase of young horses between 2.5 and 4.5 years of age that are mainly out in the pasture.

With a lot of tact and individuality we give the horses the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the working world in due course. In a quiet environment, with people who are familiar with the horses, we create the best conditions for a stress-free basic training. Afterwards, they should be allowed to enjoy life on the pasture for a few months before they go to their respective destination as a sport horse.

As the owner of a horse that you entrust to us, you will receive continuous picture and video material. We would like you to be able to get a picture of your horse's development as well.

If our service appeals to you or if you have any questions that we can answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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An exceptional environment


The commune of Sainte-Terre is situated at an altitude of about ten metres above sea level on two bends of the Dordogne river. The distance to Libourne, the next larger town, is about 15 kilometres (driving distance) in a north-westerly direction. It is about ten kilometres to Saint-Émilion, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its wines, among other things. The way to the international airport of Bordeaux (Mérignac) takes about 40 min. Sainte-Terre was located on a side route of the Way of St. James.


In Sainte-Terre the summers are warm, the winters not very cold and it is partly cloudy all year round. During the year, the temperature usually ranges between 2 °C and 28 °C and is rarely below -4 °C or above 34 °C.


A unique terroir, a unique blending formula, a unique classification: Saint-Emilion occupies an exclusive position in the Bordeaux world. The wines are not as edgy as in Médoc, but also not quite as opulent as in Pomerol. In terms of drinking maturity, too, they are somewhere between the early-ripening Pomerols and the Médoc growths that require a lot of time. Merlot often plays the dominant role in the blends. But Cabernet Franc also contributes a lot to the unique Saint-Emilion feeling.