In the lives of Regula and Raphael Bogo, the owners of RB HORSES, horses have always played a more or less important role! Whether as occasional riders or horse owners, their fascination with the nature of horses has remained unbroken for over 40 years.

With the purchase of F-Karlindo, a Polish warmblood in 2019, Raphael's desire to become a horse owner also increased. Not because he increasingly wanted to spend more time on the horse, but much more with the horse. The focus was on getting to know, feel and understand these wonderful animals. Some discussions and three months later Donostio was brought to us by the same breeder. An emotional journey began and took its course! In the following years, young horses were continuously added, which were trained according to their age and used in show jumping. The horses of RB HORSES are characterised by the fact that they are given the time to develop and are not commercial horses.

The daily work with these majestic animals, the riders as well as all the carers fills Regula and Raphael with a lot of joy and satisfaction. It seems they have found their passion.

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Equestrian facility, from dream to reality

The desire to have the horses around every day was probably the driving force behind the realisation of being owners of their own equestrian property.

Driven by the need to be the masters of their own decisions, Regula and Raphael set off again and again on journeys through Europe. It was never a question of where, but only of how. The facility had to meet all the requirements of a modern stable. A property of 15-20 hectares, 20-30 large, bright boxes, runs, a horse walker for 6-8 horses, an indoor riding arena and outdoor arena with an ebb and flow system, flat pastures of 5'000 - 10'000 m2 each, living quarters for 1-2 people from the team and, last but not least, a residential building in which one could feel comfortable and, on occasion, also accommodate guests.

From the Netherlands via Belgium down to Italy, beautiful, almost perfect properties were visited. Here it was the adjacent motorway, there the high-voltage power line that ran across the property. There it was the lack of opportunity to ride out, which always stood in the way of a purchase. And when everything was right, the budget put a spanner in the works. With a clear goal in mind, Raphael travelled to France at the end of March and was to be successful in his second attempt.

Not far from Saint-Émilion (Bordeaux), the gate to the driveway we now call our own opened for the first time at 10.21 am on the morning of 26 March 2023.

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